This wiki documentation applies to version 3.7.1 and below of the BCS firmware.

Starting with version 4.0 the User Guide is available at

Open Interface API

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The BCS-460 uses AJAX to read and write parameters via the web browser. This is done by using the HTTP GET and POST mechanisms to access simple data files on the controller. Users can create their own applications based on this interface to link multiple controllers together, or to create custom GUIs.


Open Interface Files - Direct

These files all use the GET mechanism to read/write values, or cause direct system behavior. Usage examples are shown with BCS-460 IP address of for demonstration, the address of your BCS-460 should be substituted.


File Name Description Usage
resetcpu.dat Reset the controller


File Name Description Usage
defaultcpu.dat Reset the controller to defaults. All saved configuration data (structures below) will revert to initial values.


File Name Description Usage
estop.dat Force all outputs off, stop all running Processes. This is the same function as the "All Stop" button on the interface.


File Name Description Usage
resettrace.dat Reset the datalog


File Name Description Usage
flash.bcs Put the controller into Firmware Update mode. Pass in the IP Address of the TFTP Server. Arg1=TFTP Server IP Address


File Name Description Usage
pauseit.dat Pause or Resume a running process. Arg1=Process to pause or resume


File Name Description Usage
uinputp.dat Run or Stop a process. Deprecated, use forceproc.dat as of v3.4 Arg1=Process to Run/Stop


File Name Description Usage
uinputw.dat Assert a Win (Web user Input button). Wins are per process, so process number must be specified. Arg1=Process of Win
Arg2=Win identifier


File Name Description Usage
uinputo.dat Toggle an output. Output must be enabled to toggle. Deprecated, use forceout.dat as of v3.4 Arg1=Reserved
Arg2=Output (in HEX)


File Name Description Usage
forceout.dat Manually force an output. Output must be enabled to force. Arg1=Output (in Decimal)
Arg2=Value, 1(on) or 0(off)


File Name Description Usage
forceproc.dat Manually force an process to Run/Stop. Process 8 is Manual Mode Arg1=Process
Arg2=Value, 1(run) or 0(stop)


File Name Description Usage
jmpstate.dat Jump to the specified state. Process must be running, forces an exit condition. Arg1=Process
Arg2=Jump to state


File Name Description Usage
uinputpw.dat Change the password. Encoded, form admin:password, password must be 8 chars or less. Arg1=Encoded password


File Name Description Usage
alarmoff.dat Turn off the alarm

Open Interface Files - Structures

Each structure data file typically contains a comma separated list of parameters. To read the file use the GET mechanism. To write data to the controller use the POST mechanism.

BCSfinder Packet Definition

The BCSfinder Utility broadcasts a packet onto the network for find BCS systems.

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