This wiki documentation applies to version 3.7.1 and below of the BCS firmware.

Starting with version 4.0 the User Guide is available at

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Welcome to the ECC Documentation Wiki

The ECC Wiki is the technical documentation, or User Manual, of the BCS Series Temperature Controllers. This wiki is community based, BCS owners are encouraged to contribute where they see the documentation is lacking.

Please read the Disclaimer before getting started.


Accessing the BCS

  • Accessibility - Start here. Connect to the BCS interface, and control it with a browser.

Wire the BCS

Program the BCS

  • Programming - Make it do something useful.
  • System Examples - Step by step examples of programming the BCS, starting simple and ramping up to complex. Config files posted for downloading.

Settings explained, page by page

The main documentation of the BCS-460 is organized by each control page. Settings and parameters are described in detail.

Main Control

  • The Main Control page is the place to go for system monitoring and control.

Data Log

  • Interactive charts, and data logging.

Edit Processes

  • Program the controller.

Temp Setpoint Adjust

  • Fine tune the temperature setpoint of running Processes.

Ladder Logic

  • Low level control.

Calibrate Sensors

  • Read the Temperature Probe measurements for probe calibration.

Communications Settings

  • Network settings and statistics.

HMI Builder

  • Import a custom image, and overlay active controls for a custom HMI (Human Machine Interface)

System Settings

  • Setup and Initialization of the controller. Enable I/O, set PID and probe parameters.

Expansion Cards

  • Digi16 - Adds 12 outputs and 4 dins. Up to (4) Digi16 cards supported per BCS.
  • External 7-Segment Display - Support up to (4) displays. Displays real time temperature and setpoint.

Open Interface API / Customization

  • Open Interface API - BCS systems utilize a simple HTTP GET/POST mechanism to control and monitor the unit. The protocol is completely open and documented here, allowing adventurous users the ability to develop custom GUIs and third-party interfaces.
  • Advanced Interface Customization - Customize the BCS interface with JavaScript.
  • BCS Perl Library - Coming soon.



ECC is fortunate to have a large network of partners. These companies are BCS retailers, sell BCS accessories, build BCS based control panels, or build complete brew systems.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

FAQ - Frequently asked questions, and answers to common pitfalls.

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